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What Is VoIP and Why Is It So Effective?

Whether in a tech-show or a tech-journal of from cyber-fan's stories you may learn that VoIP technology is one of the best ways to improve communication experience. However, for the bulk of Internet and computer users who are not so qualified in IT I will present a translation into common English, of what VoIP technology really is and what benefits it providers it clients with. In general, VoIP service gives you an opportunity to call through the Web, by means of your PC, to almost every country in the world. The VoIP is an abbreviation for a sophisticated term, used to define the technology which can be explained in two words - Internet Telephony. The power of Voice over IP has an easy explanation of its method. The voice signals which are the definition for the voice you use to communicate with your relatives and friends for hours of phone conversation. Going back to business, it should be mentioned that VoIP transmits the voice signals into digital information which is delivered through the Internet and again retransmitted to voice signals at your interlocutor's computer, and the circle renews again. Due to Internet Protocol, VoIP Technology provides two way and real-time transferring of communication.

It's marvelous but what is necessary to sign up for VoIP Service?

For the first step you should learn what kind of Internet connection is offered by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). It is necessary to learn due to the fact that full VoIP functionality can be seen only with DSL or cable connection as this connection has more speed and, thus the application can load data packets faster, as a result the quality of sound in course of phone calls is better. Despite the fact that VoIP technology can be implemented even on such ISP connection as prepaid, satellite or dial-up, the technology has yet to be developed to a higher point to be able to give you the ultimate sound quality in course of conversation. Actually, if you are situated in the location which has no broadband connection yet, you aren't forced to wait for a long time to experience high-quality communication due to the technology's progress on low-speed internet connections. In fact, for the present moment, the quality is pretty low when the connection is slow.

What is the price for Voice over IP? Is it costly?

The price is actually the best VoIP's advantage as VoIP has a much lower cost for its services than local telecoms and even much lower than mobile phone packages. And in case your broadband or DSL service provider belongs to the number of businesses which provide VoIP technology, thus it is even better for you, as such companies have even lower prices than that ones which provide VoIP service independently.

Is VoIP technology reliable?

Due to the fact that data delivery is processed through Internet, the quality of sound highly depends on the bandwidth. Moreover, for the present moment, paying no attention to your connection speed or ISP, the sound quality is still falling behind conventional phone lines and wireless services. Additionally, though not frequently, in case of internet connection failure, you lose the opportunity to receive or make calls, VoIP is also more exposed to dropped connection because of weak signal strength. Despite the fact that VoIP possesses a small amount of disadvantages, when you give it a try you'll immediately understand that they do not come to the number of those which are able to make you abandon the service, particularly in case of receiving a telephone bill, as the economy due to VoIP usage is significant.

What's about VoIP's security?

Due to the fact that VoIP works through transferring packets, where hackers are on their alley, it's reasonable to think of this question. Looking into it more thoroughly it can be said that being incompletely safe it is not less dangerous than to send e-mail letters daily. Speaking sincerely, if you care much about somebody's intrusion into your private life, get rid of your mobile telephone, as it's really simpler to wiretap the cell telephone than to hack your VoIP number and listen to VoIP calls. If since then you are again concerned about safety because of VoIP immature condition, and a consequent ability of hackers to wiretap the calls, wait until the technology matures and then give it a try.

Is it possible to save the number?

Partly yes, partly no. In the majority of cases you'll have an opportunity to save your telephone number but for terms of safety address your potential VoIP provider asking this question. Sincerely, sometimes clients have to change the number. However, there is no perfect technology.

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