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As it's commonly known, VoIP is decoded as Voice over Internet Protocol. This powerful technology unites customers from across the world, applying the highly popular network that is today on everybody's mind - the Internet. By means of World Wide Web people enable communication among each other all over the world. The Internet is no more considered a simple technology which provides text information sharing only.

Not a long time ago, the Internet was considered a good option for businesses who initiated extending their opportunities through providing the brands with virtual places on the Web. Some years later the Web was applied wider and wider not only for purchasing products but also for sharing data, due to this fact the word "Web" is commonly associated with the phrase "chat rooms". In this way the Web started being popular and useful among users. Internet users admired the means by which this new internet method allows them to communicate with family, friends, colleagues, and so on. The majority of internet surfers through at one point that "e-mail and conversation rooms are good, but they do not provide verbal interaction". These thoughts have not left people's minds until programmers have not developed computer application that provided users with a chance to communicate in a verbal way via the Internet similar to how they send data packets. Nowadays we are aware that sound and video data may be transmitted into PC data and delivered through phone lines or fiber optic cables. In this way the majority of clients think of VoIP and, actually, they are almost right about how Voice over IP provides the ability to communicate.

The only thing to concern about then was the inability of those applications to conduct real phone calls though all the calls were processed via PC to PC method that is applied even nowadays by lots of programs. Telephone businesses learnt that the customers now have a substitute and can refuse using their services so they now offer VoIP services as well.

Other businesses emerged, like Packet8, Vonage, VoIP, Cordia, Bbtelsys, and so on. These businesses applied the method to suggest alternatives to clients. Lots of individuals made a decision to come over to VoIP services as their customer payments are less expensive as opposed to traditional lines, which is a good perspective, but lots of customers consider the technology to be too immature to use it.

Seeking for Voice over Internet Protocol businesses which provide free trial calls is advantageous. Some of these offer the services free of charge, as an additional phone line that can be experienced alongside with the client's telephone service and as a month passes the customer makes a decision whether it's applicable for his/her use. Conclusively, it's a convenient service due to the fact that if it does not appeal to you, it can be simply cancelled without any debts.

This communication service is also applied by companies as it inhibits their telephone bills significantly. But besides being an economically right solution, VoIP services possess all the properties we use daily like: call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, conference calling, redial, message waiting, call logs and transfer, speed and hold dial, as well as message waiting. That's why, as it's evident, not only the difference from common phone service makes VoIP technology popular nowadays.

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