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VoIP: Are There Any Disadvantages?

VoIP, also called Voice Over Internet Protocol, is a service that have become a subject of discussions recently. People's attitudes are very different; though ones consider the system to be an inexpensive substitute for Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), others find lots of disadvantages and contras in it, waiting for upgrades to be ready to use it. In fact, I can guarantee, lots of us would ask questions concerning this matter. Here is some info about VoIP system.

VoIP service, also called Internet Telephony, is linked with the Internet. It's a growing technology that provides cheaper telephone communication than you've ever used. Generally speaking, Voice over IP is a technology which applies the Web for transmitting calls. So what's its work principle? In Voice over Internet Protocol technology, voice is transferred through packet-switched network, that is, when voice is transmitted to a digital form and divided into several portions, latter are transferred via several routers till they are received by the target.

VoIP service Disadvantages: VoIP technology is considered an inexpensive solution that, in fact, needs special interpretation. Some businesses who tried to implement it have issued different reviews about its effectiveness. The VoIP service is still being worked out. Lots of people who are the PSTN users do not take it seriously. That's why, commonly, VoIP comes face to face with two problems: performance and reliability.

Reliability: PSTN is thought to be more advantageous than VoIP service because the latter one is dependent on equipment that demands unending energy supply for providing stable telecommunications. In fact, when considering wireless telephones, Phone Based System or PBX may demand electricity, and as for the phone lines they don't need power supply. Thus, you have the possibility to communicate even with the absence of electricity. And as for VoIP, if the energy supply is lost, the connection is not alive either. By the way, the web connection quality provides the reliability and quality of web calls, if the Internet connection fails, get ready to see the troubles with phone connection as well. Secondly, the transference errors, malicious code attacks and hackers can significantly affect the network connection which in turn decreases telecoms quality.

Performance: VoIP calls are transferred via PBX systems, thus, the quality of phone calls depends on PBX systems quality, as well. In some cases clients, who used VoIP technology, experienced some problems with it. For example, in some cases, the clients would take the hand-set and hear no dial tone, consequently, they should reboot the VoIP device to be able to phone or receive a call. Commonly, other disadvantages like false call ID notice and irritating echo in course of phone calls have added more flies to the ointment of VoIP acknowledgement as a substitute for popular PSTN technology.

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