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The Four Most Popular Voice over IP Providers

VoIP technology attracts the business lovers' imagination, and nowadays we watch a strong competition in sphere of providers for a leading position in the industry. The client's mind faces a wide range of choices and it's really difficult for it to choose a proper solution.

For clients' convenience there exist some resources, that provide you with comparison tables, statistics, and deep investigation of services offered by VoIP providers. There are some advantages to consider, like client support, financial stability, adaptability and services.

As VoIP technology analytics say, the four most popular VoIP service providers are:
1. Vonage is one of the most popular leaders, providing VoIP services for $24,95 and a common service pack for $ 14.99. The business possesses a constantly extending client base of 7.500.000 customers and provides marvelous services, as well as competitive packs. Besides traditional service packages they possess free phone users' support and a 24hours/7days client E-mail support.
2. Sun Rocket is a new competitor which will likely get a great piece of market among the top leaders in the industry. The company provides to packets: a limited one for 9,95 and an unlimited for 24,95. The business has relieved their customers of activation payments, is free of hidden prices, provides a free-of-charge telephone adapter and possesses a special action of a Uniden wireless telephone for free. The competitive business offers a program for a year which is 199 dollars in price and lets you pay only 16,58 dollars for a month of services usage.
3. Packet 8 offers a bouquet of useful VoIP services for only 19,95. There are no activation charges and the first month of use is free. Additionally, they provide a client with 911 service calls for an insignificant additional payment.
4. Lingo is advantageous for clients who make frequent call to Canada, Australia, and Western Europe as well. For a small cost of $ 21,95 they offer unlimited access to VoIP and communication with 17 European countries. For an insignificant payment the service gives two telephone numbers.

Leaders in the Voice over IP services industry are Motorola, Cisco, Juniper, and Clariys with others pretending, and a hot fight for marketplace is ongoing. The purpose is to offer more and more services and free-of-charge benefits to attract customers and earn the profit.

The guaranteed way to win for VoIP providers is the following: low rates, reliability and quality.

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